Tawnie + Colin {Destination Wedding Photographer & Kamloops Wedding Photography}

I’ve photographed our good friends, Adam & Amberliegh when they eloped in Banff, Alberta, but this was my first actual wedding which took place in Kamloops, British Columbia. When I was asked by my buddy, Kyler to help him shoot Tawnie & Colin’s wedding in Kamloops, I was stoked. I was especially excited for this wedding because I’ve never been to Kamloops before. This wedding took place mid August last year. The weather was very hot (30 degrees Celsius) & it was a looooooong drive but I had a great time! The bride, groom, & family were super nice! The ceremony & reception took place at a beautiful park just off Kamloops Lake. Here are a few of the several photos I took that day.

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