Vegreville Fire Dept. {Vegreville Commercial Photographer}

I was commissioned to take portraits & action shots of the Vegreville Fire Department which has been an amazing opportunity. I took photos on several different occasions which included formals at the fire hall & shots of the live burn they do at the local landfill every winter. Once a week the department practices using their tools & equipment used to extinguish fires as well as life-saving techniques. I was especially excited for the live burn because it involved a roaring fire, meaning I got to wear my own bunker gear! Even in the bunker gear, you could feel the extreme heat coming from the massive flames. There was even a point where I had to take a break from shooting near the flames because my camera & lens got extremely hot! This was an amazing experience where I got to see first hand what these brave people experience on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to continue working with the department in 2013.

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