Ashley Grad {Vegreville Event Photographer}

It’s grad season…a very busy time for photographers! May 24, 2013 was the St. Mary’s High School’s graduation & I had the opportunity to photograph the lovely Ashley & her fun family. Unfortunately, it poured rain all day so I wasn’t able to take any outdoor photos. Instead, I packed up my studio lights & headed to the Social Center (the ceremony location) to take the photos. I was limited with locations (being indoors & all) but I took advantage of the decorations & lighting to get as much variety as possible. I finished the session minutes after the power went out in the building (not a problem for me because I was using a self-sustainable battery-operated lighting system), right before the hired photographer was to take the grad class’ group photo. To make a long story short (you can read the whole story here), the hired group photographer bailed when the power went out & I ended up taking the grad’s group photo! Thanks again to the Fedirchuk family and I wish Ashley the best of luck in her future endeavors.

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