Patrick, Kirstin, + Alexandre {Edmonton Family Photographer}

As you may already know, I’m shutting down my basement studio as I’ve outgrown the generic studio images. Instead of giving families the option of in-house studio sessions, I will now only offer outdoor on-location or in-your-house sessions. This means that we’ll come to you, help to transform the space to achieve ideal light & a space that will work for everyone and I’ll be able to capture your family in the comfort of your own home. We’ve been doing this for the past six months & come to realize that nothing beats the familiarity or offers the comfort level of being in your element with your family in your home.  The past few sessions we’ve done have yielded intimate images that speak for themselves that boring old photo studio photos could never compete with. This applies to all lifestyle sessions including family, newborn and couples photography.

Anyway, July 27 & 28 was a very busy weekend for Lisa & I, shooting the Wowdzia wedding on Saturday & heading to Edmonton on Sunday to photograph Patrick, Kirstin, & the newest member of their family, Alexandre. I don’t think I’ve ever shot in such an amazing space! Located on the second-highest floor out of a whopping 35 stories in the Icon II, their condo overlooks downtown Edmonton – I’ve never seen such beautiful panoramic views of the city & such stylish furniture! Aside from the breathtaking views (don’t even get me started on the espresso machine), Patrick & Kirstin’s living room was so beautifully decorated. To say the least, I had an amazing time photographing this extremely photogenic family in their amazing home. Little blue-eyed Alexandre was such an easy-going model who didn’t fuss once throughout the 1.5 hour session.

After I captured all the images I wanted to at their condo, we headed to the nearby Henrietta Muir Edwards Park to capture the trio in the outdoors. The rain held out & the images turned out great!

I’m super excited to share these photos with you & would like to sincerely thank Patrick & Kirstin for choosing us to photograph the three of them.


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