Sayler Family {Beauvallon Family Photographer}

In mid-August Lisa and I ventured away from our usual Vegreville scenery (love when this happens!), out to Beauvallon where we spent the evening with the Sayler Family. They all came together from different parts of the province, and one of the ‘kids’ from way out East, for a mid-summer gathering. Parents, Allen & Mary were celebrating their 37th anniversary that day, so it was pretty sweet that the whole family was together; and what a fun family they are! We had a really great time getting to know each of them.

Being the ‘lawn Nazi’ I am, I was super stoked to learn that the family farm we were headed to was also a Sod Farm. Oddly enough, I have never been to a sod farm before (you’d think I would be a regular at such a place) & it was interesting to see to say the least! I have to admit I was really excited to experience first-hand where luscious green sod comes from & learn all about how it’s harvested.

As it goes for most families, it’s not often that everyone gets together at one time, and it was no exception for this group either. Their original photographer cancelled on them so they were scrambling to find a replacement on such short notice. Lisa and I have no problem fitting in a session on short notice if we’re available and especially when we know it’s a time in our client’s lives that doesn’t happen every day. The Sayler family though, refused to let us go home empty handed and sent us off with the coolest box filled with so many neat things inside (we polished the chocolates off on the way home), a bag of specialty fertilizer, tips on keeping my grass green, and lots of memorable snippets from the evening that kept us laughing for days.

So thanks again so much to this family for a fun (and educational!) evening! You guys are so awesome!!!!

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