County of Minburn Council {Vegreville Commercial Photographer}

For some of you that might not know, I’m not a full-time photographer. I actually work full-time as a Planning & Development Officer at the County of Minburn. I’ve been working for the County for three years now, starting back in September 2010, which was just before election time. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a great group of Councillors for the past 3-year term & learned about the election process first-hand. One month after I was hired with the County of Minburn, I photographed the 2010 elected Councillors. This past week was the Organizational Meeting where I snapped some photos of the next term’s Council (I basically updated the Council’s head shots as only one of the seven Councillors have changed). Looking forward to working with everyone for the next 4 years!

Local businesses: please keep Davin G Photography in mind if you’re ever looking for professional company photos or employee head shots!

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