Rudyk Family {Vegreville Family Photographer}

I’ve worked with the Rudyk family even before I first started operating as Davin G Photography. The Rudyk’s were the very first family I ever photographed! I remember quite vividly that moment – Lisa came home from work (she works with Mandy) asking if I would photograph Mandy, Rob, & Locklan. Before that point in my photography career, I photographed landscapes & still life but never photographed people. I was very nervous about it but finally decided I would take Fall photos for them. The date was October 27, 2009 – I remember first starting the session at the Rudyk’s house where I snapped photos of Locklan (who was just a baby). Later, we headed to my parent’s back yard where we decorated a tree with Christmas ornaments as they wanted photos for Christmas cards. I remember it was a very long session & a learning experience indeed but the Rudyk’s were very happy with their photos! I kept practicing, reading, & watching videos as I learned the fundamentals of photography. Almost exactly a year later, I was once again asked by Rob & Mandy to take Fall photos of their family. These photos were some of the very first photos I posted on my Facebook Page as I began advertising my work publicly. From there, things kinda took off for me as I continued to take photos for the Rudyk’s whether they were maternity, newborn, family, or head shots for Rob’s business. I ended up working with the Rudyk family every single year since even before I launched Davin G Photography! I’m extremely grateful that I took Lisa’s advice back in 2009 to photograph the Rudyk’s. Although I still enjoy taking the occasional landscape photo & the odd photo of a cup o’ joe, I prefer portrait photography & that I have the Rudyk’s to thank! Who knows where I’d be today if I didn’t step up & take those family photos four years ago.

It’s amazing to see how I’ve progressed as a photographer over these four years (also how my logo has changed!):


Here’s the latest Fall family photos I recently took of the Rudyks (2013):

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