vEGGfest 2015 {Vegreville Event Photographer}

When I first heard about vEGGfest I almost instantaneously contacted the people involved to get involved. It’s not everyday that you get to meet the bands that you’ve followed for years, never mind get the opportunity to photograph them! I’ve always had an interest in event photography so this was the perfect opportunity to build on that side of my portfolio. Being that I used to play in a band in my high school days, I’m a huge music fan and avid concert goer so I was especially stoked to see a concert of this magnitude put on in our local community…especially for it being put on for a great cause!

Because I had a wedding booked before vEGGfest was announced, I was only able to attend and photograph the Friday night events…Mourning Wood, Kim Mitchell, and Trooper. I’ve been a huge Kim Mitchell and Trooper fan for years and was disappointed when I wasn’t able to watch Trooper’s live performance when they played in Vegreville last, about 10 years ago; I wasn’t quite 18 yet and couldn’t attend the show at Bubba’s Saloon. Lucky for me, on the first night of vEGGfest I was finally able to watch and photograph Trooper and some other amazing bands!

I’m super stoked to have had this opportunity to meet some great people and document the evening as it unfolded and I’m really hoping vEGGfest becomes a yearly event!

For those of you who haven’t heard about vEGGfest, here’s an excerpt from their website:

vEGGfest will be a weekend of music, entertainment, and culture that will “pay homage to the heritage of the Vegreville Pysanka and its role in putting Vegreville on the World Map, as well as celebrating the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police”.

The proceeds from the weekend festival will be put towards the restoration of Vegreville’s worlds largest Pysanka.

Here’s a set of my favorite photos from Friday night’s event at vEGGfest.

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