Amber + Greg {Vegreville Lifestyle Photographer}

It’s been a while since our last blog post and we’re excited to share our latest on Greg, Amber, and their two adorable fur babies, Jax and Lizzy. Amber is Lyric’s part-time day home provider and we are forever grateful for her! Lyric loves going to Amber’s and we’re super lucky to have someone like her to watch over our little girl when we’re at work.

After a long Christmas break, we were excited to get back to the action and spend the afternoon with these four. It was tough to keep Jax and Lizzy’s attention to say the least, but it was fun to capture these two gorgeous Mastiffs chewing on sticks and playing in the snow. I have to admit that I ran out of breath a few times as I struggled to keep up with Jax and Lizzy, and you can certainly tell from these photos there was a bit more snow back in January.

Thanks again for spending the afternoon with us! Enjoy.

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