2017 Home Based Business of the Year

Last week we found out we were nominated for Home Based Business of the Year for 2017. As thrilled as we were we really didn’t have high expectations given the outstanding list of nominees we were up against. Hell, even Lyric declared the award winner ‘the ice cream man!!!’ when we jokingly practiced our best loser face earlier this afternoon. 😂

But then we won 🙉

We are shocked, humbled, honoured and so very excited to run our small business in the town we call home and then be recognized for it. Thank you to all of our ‘clients’ whom we much prefer to call our friends; to all the newlyweds that let us dance at your wedding after a day of ‘work’, anyone that has told friends and family about us and simply had our back all these years. We really, REALLY love what we do and the fact that this passion of ours has given us so much in return is just the icing on the cake.

Much love, Davin & Lisa

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