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Hey everyone & seasons greetings!

Being the good and typical photographers we are, you haven’t seen a blog post from us in months! We’ve been fulfilling our obligatory duty of falling behind all summer and now apologizing for falling off the radar and begging for your forgiveness! So we’re starting with a bang and sharing our cousin’s wedding from early September which wrapped up the season for us.

Meet Jeremy: Late 20’s. Can quote any line in any movie. Has a real knack for guns and craft beer. Rides dirty. My favorite memories growing up with him include paint-balling in the creek and getting smacked in the head with a coffee mug by his brother. Idolizes batman.

Meet Andrea: Small town girl with a big big heart. Weeks away from celebrating the big 3-0. Her charm and wit will knock your socks clean off. Definitely too good for my cousin. Rides a Suzuki Gladius like the bad ass she is.

Meet Mrs & Mrs Kavich: Too perfect for each other. Somehow share the exact same sense of humor. Are the definition of “there is no I in team”. Make ridiculously cute babies. Host one DAMN good wedding!

Now that you have the background info, you can imagine how much of a good time this entire day was for the two of us and everyone else that attended their wedding. Lisa and the ladies began their day at the Pomeroy and from what I hear it was the most relaxed morning that Lisa has ever seen a bridal party pull off. I joined Jeremy and his groomsmen at my Aunt and Uncle’s farm later on and upon arriving, I shot them while they shot Tannerite before heading indoors to get ready for the festivities.

The ceremony was outdoors, overlooking the creek, decorated with motorcycles and full of equal amounts of love and laughter. Jeremy shed tears as his bride walked down the aisle, they exchanged vows (always our favorite part), and they rode away on their bikes (bonus points for a unique exit). The entire day, not just the ceremony, was extremely memorable. It was really great to photograph Jeremy, Andrea, little Lucas, and their wedding party throughout the Kavich farm where I remember playing with all of my cousins as a kid. The abandoned buildings, pasture, and old ostrich run made for some great backdrops and surrounded me with feelings of nostalgia.

The reception topped the charts in all categories and included a craft beer theme, batman for an MC, a surprise Ukrainian dance performance, a photobooth, and handmade details out the wazoo. I even perfected the Kolomyjka and only almost dropped the bride once! This was the first wedding in my extended family and we realized the only thing better than shooting an outstanding group and loving couple all day is getting to party into the night with your friends AND family. Our girls had a blast (Lyric actually still associates any song, dance or party environment with “Germy’s wedding” and it definitely left us talking for weeks after. Lyric has also said numerous times since then that now SHE wants to get married. She either loves love or appreciates a good party!

Congratulations to Jeremy, Andrea & Lucas on becoming an official family unit. If you decide to take Lyric’s advice and get married again, we’re there!

Davin & Lisa

See Jeremy & Andrea’s engagement session here

Bride’s Dress: Casablanca

Bridesmaid Dresses: Le Chateau

Suits: Formals By Page

Floral Designer: Wit and Wonder Designs

Make-Up: Karissa Brynn Makeup

Hair: Hair By Kimberly Anne

Caterer: Twisted Sisters Kitchen

Cake: Whimsical Cake Studio

Band: Millenia

Favors/Gifts: Grizzly Paw Brewing Co.

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