Veldkamp Family {Elk Island National Park} {Family Photographer}

If you’ve been following along on social media, you know that we love camping and spend as much time in the summer as possible to get out with the family and enjoy the outdoors. One of our last camping trips of the season was at Elk Island National Park where we spent the weekend camping with family and our old friends, the Veldkamps. Derek and Des have been close friends of ours since high school (I even used to play in a band with Derek!) and we’ve spent a good amount of time together celebrating milestones in each other’s lives which has been awesome!

Des being a photographer herself, in the past we’ve exchanged sessions, and decided to exchange sessions again this year – and what a perfect place for photos…Elk Island National Park. Derek and Des cleaned up really good mid-way through our camping trip (I can’t say the same for myself on the other side of the lens…haha) and we were fortunate to be able to fit in this photo session. Growing older into parenthood together, it’s been great to spend time with the Veldkamps, sharing lame ‘dad’ jokes, and watching our kids play. We look forward to our photo session with Des with the arrival of Baby #3 anytime now!

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