Maggie-Kas + Josh {Mundare Wedding} {St. Michael Wedding} {Mayko Wedding}

Davin and I are stoked to announce that we are getting remarried! My dearest friends will amaze in the most flattering shade of emerald green; Davin’s in a slimming blue suit and perfectly placed boutonniere. It will take place on a beautiful day in August and the looming rain will stay at bay making us feel like it was just for us. I’ll walk down the aisle holding a bouquet I handpicked and made myself. Our friends and family will celebrate us in a way we’ll never forget and our day will look and feel just like Maggie-Kas and Josh’s.

Not every wedding has such an effect on us that has us craving to relive and recreate that incredibly blissful day, but this sure was one of them. Some might say that the finer details really don’t matter but we think and know they are such a reflection of the bride and groom that if you really pay attention you can easily see them in every well thought out aspect of the day. We didn’t know Maggie-Kas and Josh well before their big day but we got to know and understand them in it all. They are a timeless and wholesome couple with a mantra that less is more and they executed it perfectly. So much so that we both agreed we would do it all the same way just because of how spending the day with them made us feel.

We are still so excited that we got to spend this day capturing such a fun and creative young couples’s wedding day. We also get to add a photo of us holding backyard chickens to our behind-the-scenes coffee table book! Yup. This day was unique and epic in every way. Congratulations Maggie-Kas and Josh!


Dress: Pronovias

Suit: Moore’s (Joe Custom)

Floral Designer: M-K’s Bouquets

Make-Up: Deanna Simms

Hair: Vadara Salon & Spa

Event Planner: Liz Greening

Caterer: St. Michael’s Hall

Cake: Love at First Bite


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