Hi, I'm Davin Gegolick
"Davin G" for shortHusband, father, realist, coffee roaster, and
passionate about photography.

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Growing up I can’t say that I ever thought to myself that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had a few choice careers in mind but as I got older business seemed to take precedent at the top of that list, so I went to university and took two years of management.I didn’t know yet where I wanted to work, but I knew the areas I was most passionate about and that was photography and a good cup of coffee. It was only a matter of time before I realized there was no reason I couldn’t combine the two.
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.""Life without passion is nothing."

My interest in photography started with my dad’s canon FTB and my obsession with photography quickly grew with my first point-and-shoot Sony cyber-shot that Lisa got me for my high school graduation. I was always playing around with composition and in-camera edits. I bought my first DSLR in 2008 and entered a whole new world that I quickly consumed myself with. I spent months teaching myself the components of it while going out and practicing; and the more I learned the more I could explore my creative side.


We started taking photos for close friends and family and I remember when I set up our Facebook page. Little did I I know what a huge role social media would play in our growth, but the ongoing support from people made me realize this little hobby could be so much more than it was at that stage, and it made me want to learn and grow even more. Getting out of my comfort zone from just shooting landscapes and beginning to work with couples, families, kids, etc. and really getting to capture love and emotion has been the best thing for my talent and our business. We now focus on lifestyle and wedding photography and have developed a love and obsession with turning life into art.


Davin G Photography isn’t a full time gig for us although it could be thanks to the word of mouth from our loyal clients. I work full-time as Director of Planning and Community Services at the County of Minburn and that liking for a good ol’ cup of Joe I talked about now has me roasting coffee beans out of our basement and has added Black Stripe Coffee to our list of ventures.


It can be challenging having so much on the go. We have three beautiful little girls (and our pooch, Oscar) at home that have taken first place but even while raising our family we manage to continue growing our businesses together and we’re so proud that they’ve become as successful as they have. I would have never guessed that I’d be feeding my hobbies on the side and earning an income besides working the usual 9-5, much less doing it with my wife as a partner.

Hi, I'm Lisa Gegolick

A while back Dav and I were talking about the incredible opportunities and all the amazing people that being photographers has brought into our lives. It's been over 10 years and every year just gets more and more exciting, and a lot of the people we've met along the way have become our dear friends.


When some good friends of ours asked if we would take family photos for them after Davin bought his first DSLR, it wasn't something he even wanted to consider. It was so much pressure having no technical training, but I was SO EXCITED and basically forced him to do it. I think having our first inquiry was all it took for me to be able to picture what potential this little hobby could have for us. It's surreal and so humbling to realize how far we've come since then.


This business was our first baby together and just like with our 3 daughters, we nurture it in our own and different ways. My role has grown from 'wifey manager' who makes the rules and critics the final product to assistant/stylist/stager to second shooter which was inevitable over time. We have done nearly every single shoot together since the very first one in 2009. Photo sessions are often our date night, and even though we're never alone, working together has become one of our favorite ways to spend time together.


Photography is so much more than learning the best way to take a picture with the click of a button. We have zero technical training but it's one of our many passions that we've figured out along the way. Since becoming a mom to our little darlings, the worth of a photo has become that much more priceless to me. When we're gone, the material things won't matter; but the photos that tell the story of our lives together will live forever. After all, if they say a photo is worth a thousand words, what a story they could tell.

we've shot Canon since day one, recently made the move to mirrorless, and appreciate quality leather goods!

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