McKenna + Keefe {Engagement Photographer} {Ranfurly Photographer} {Vegreville Photographer}

If you’re from a rural community or have lived in a small town you know how it goes – everyone ‘knows’ everyone or at least just enough about you or your family for them to assume they know all about you and what you do for fun and what your favorite color is. Depending if you’re citizen of the year or have a reputation for watering your garden naked, this can be either a good thing or bad thing! Going into McKenna and Keefe’s engagement session we felt like we ‘knew’ them…because, well…we live in small town Vegreville. The Makoweckis are known for big time farming, huge hearts, and inherent beauty with smiles as big as the flippin’ sun. They just look like a riot. Mama Makowecki and our very own Edith are besties at church, and she’s spread joy and kindness to our family plenty of times. At the start of the school year, Lyric started coming home talking about how excited she gets when Miss McKenna comes to visit her class, and that one time she taught them about ‘rock brain’. They’re everywhere you look and you can’t help but think that a ticket to their dinner table one evening would be the best time you’ve ever had.
So needless to say we let our assumption lead the way to what we knew would be one hell of an engagement session! We don’t want to brag, but we were 100% accurate. The photos speak for themselves but let it be known that we now consider ourselves 90% Gegolick and 10% Makowecki. Our shared love for the outdoors, a good belly laugh, denim, and love for men that have an unhealthy obsession with fire makes it only natural that we feel like family. We are literally drawing Xs on our calendar every day until October 24, 2020 (*fingers crossed* this COVID-19 situation changes). KcKenna and Keefe have a young love that is backed by so many elements that will ensure a never-ending and bountiful harvest as far as their upcoming marriage is concerned. It’s cliche but these small town love stories are so deeply rooted, they start off on the best foot possible.
We had so much fun with these two. Three cheers for Mikah, Todd and the future Mr & Mrs O’Shea!


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