Nicole + Brett {Moose Lake Engagement} {St. Paul Photographer} {Bonnyville Photographer}

We booked an engagement session with Nicole and Brett months before the “big germ” (as our girls have come to call it) messed everything up. A couple weeks before our scheduled session date, we chatted with the two of them and discussed if it was something we could go forward with while maintaining social distancing. Obviously, photographing them from a plentiful distance was the easy part, so as long as all of us and our families were healthy and symptom free we were confident we wouldn’t be making any unnecessary risks to ourselves or others and decided to go ahead with it, taking every precaution. We met at Pelican Point, a remote location, a little ways North. Davin and I made sure we didn’t have to stop for gas or anything else, and got to enjoy a couple of hours to ourselves on that little road trip.
Brett, Nicole and their furbabies, Milo and Griz, met us with nothing but smiles and wagging tales, excited for a little bit of time where we could forget about the rest of the world and revel in what would inevitably be a big celebration we could all look forward to! Let me tell you, that’s exactly what we did. It was SO refreshing and good for our mental health to get to put our creativity to use again after quite some time and get to just focus on what (and who) was in front of us. Nicole and Brett said the same. Although the weather was pretty crisp and chilly, there was no hesitation on anyone’s part (except maybe Milo 😂) to power through it. The trees at this spot are so unique and we’ve never seen so many birch trees in one location which made for an extra magical and romantic look.
Brett and Nicole are planning to go ahead with their original wedding date this July. If gatherings are still limited and social distancing is still our “normal” then they’ll tie the knot with less than fifty people. We love that they’re not letting Corona get them down! We look forward to capturing their big day!

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