Maria + Braden {Vegreville Photographer} {Alberta Engagement Photographer} {Hastings Lake Gardens}

I realize this is the first blog post we’ve made in a really long time. Davin’s been asking/hounding me to put some together for just as long now. But perhaps when things were slow I felt that time had stood still a little bit and nothing was ‘business as usual’.

But we are thrilled to report that we are back, people are getting together, seeing family, getting married and back to getting their photos taken! Everyone’s been asking if we’re working lots or what the status quo is these days and it’s been so great being able to say we’ve done grads, engagements, weddings and plenty of family and lifestyle sessions since May.

We missed all of your beautiful faces!!!

Back when things were still a bit of a mess (but we were able to socially distance and gather outdoors), we met up with Braden and Maria at Hastings Lake Gardens (a first for us!) to capture their engagement photos. Braden is a long time family friend of ours so it was awesome getting to catch up and get to know his incredibly sweet fiancé a little more. They’ll be getting married at Hastings Lake Gardens this September which we’re really looking forward to. This place is incredibly unique and scenic…definitely a hidden gem in the country!

We only had the drone — ‘Maverick’ if you recall 😉 — for a little while back then so we were also eager to incorporate it into lifestyle sessions to get a completely different take on photography; not focused on portraiture but more the environment around the subject. In this case we were really stoked on how intimate and beautiful these drone shots turned out with the gorgeous fall colors. Even though they’re taken from a distance you still really feel the connection between two people like you would in an up close and personal shot. So look forward to seeing a few of these from every session for the next little bit!

It’d be an understatement to say we’re excited to witness and capture Braden and Maria’s big day in a couple short months. Enjoy checking out their session and head to Hastings Lake Garden’s website or Instagram page if you’re in need of a really amazing venue for an upcoming event!

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