Wowdzia Family {Vegreville Photographer} {Vegreville Golf Course}

This summer we got to spend an evening with our friends, the Wowdzia Fam, when they graciously supported the silent auction held for our local warrior, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, Courtney Yakimetz, to support her and her family throughout her fight against breast cancer. Thank you to Scott and Stephanie for that.

We met at a mutually agreeable place that would be scenic and fun and is a familiar stomping ground for the Wowdzia’s: the golf course. The weather was sublime and the laughter drowned out the sound of mosquitos, making it easy to forget they were out for the first time this summer. Brothers Nixon, Hudson and Hayes guarantee to keep you on your toes, share all of their photo op ideas and love all over each other for the best memories caught on camera. They were perfectly themselves and such naturals in front of the camera. We say that like it’s a skill but truthfully, it just means we are guaranteed to capture that cheeky smile or squabble followed by a brotherly hug and kiss. Those perfectly imperfect moments we as parents love the most. But the Wowdzia boys also know how to work it as you’ll see for yourself! Handsome as ever and dapper in every way they brought their best to the game all evening long and it’s clear they’ll continue to grow up to be kind, hilarious and beautiful little fellas. As always, we enjoyed every minute with this family, and slowly torturing Scott in the heat and laughing at his expense. 😂 Thank you guys again for bringing us together and letting us capture the gorgeous family you’ve built! Enjoy!

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