O’Shea Family {Vegreville Family Photographer} {Beaver County Photographer}

We have a wholesome bunch to bring the blog back to life and warm your blood a little in these frigid times.

You remember the O’Shea bunch, yes? They adored our lenses a couple years ago when they tied the knot. Since then they’ve added a little darling to the family tree, Huntley, who’s chubby cheeks sure soften this bunch up!

Kathy and Shawn welcomed us at their place with a drink and a few laughs while we caught up before we toured the countryside and got a glimpse at their old stomping ground, where the boys rode their dirt bikes in and out of the creek as kids, the perfect pick of a spot for family photos.

Before we headed out though, we took some time to get a proper photo of Shawn and HIS new baby – the Elk Antlers that earned him a world record last year. Very cool and we can confirm they are very huge and very heavy.

The whole herd led the way to the creek and took turns taking stabs at one another which made for some pretty effortless smiles, for us included. It’s always a hoot with this family!  Huntley stole the show though and was a perfect peach the whole time. We think she was born into the right family with so many uncles to look out for her 😍.

Being slow to publish these blogs has its pros and cons. I can feel the sun in these photos but look outside and am reminded it’s warmth is a short lifetime away still 😅.

Stay warm, friends!

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